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  • Hear the flower


    Where is the flower I held to my nostril in spring?
    Why is November and December that unforgiving?
    Not enough warmth or sunlight to bloom
    I put my ear to the ground to listen to the growth
    My father calls me away from the sleeping
    He challenges me to release the past
    He positions my face towards the east
    He said the sting of uncertainty is before you
    The sting of the Honey Bee is behind you

    I promise you

    The cold season will be hard this time
    New faces will come but not bring warmth
    Lost souls will crack the windows and doors open
    They will enter, you will not escape
    They will decide your night and day
    I will keep your dreams from them
    I will keep your throat from their suffocating vomit
    I will keep your addiction a secret
    Addiction to the fragrances of the bed
    The Tulip and Daffodil in May
    The Lilly and Corn flower in June
    Gold mound and roses in July and beyond

    Kneel now before the bouquet of eternity
    Discover the meaning of joyful sorrow
    Secrets of why the flower is found in the cathedral
    Held against the virgin breast
    Child of god sleeping, promised maiden
    Alongside the Mahogany and walnut chest

    The sweet pungent perfume
    All the remembrance I have of the sanctuary
    There are no eyes that can see the fragrance
    No bride for this waiting groom
    No time for another garden to breathe in
    Now as winter enters my room


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    Captivating write, the second. I thrill particularly to the use of flower imagery in latter stanza 3 and all of stanza 4. Your voice is unmistakable and your vision is compelling.


    • The second
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      Grant i thank you many times over

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    Quite perfect, pick the pedals one by one. She loves me not.


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      Hello The second, Beautiful lines in this one and each stanza into the next with glorious truths until the penultimate into the ultimate, 'as winter enters the room'. One reaches to this poetry - superb! Fond regards, Tony.


      • The second
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        Dear tony your comments absorbed my fondness extended

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      Just found this hidden gem I for really enjoyed it


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        Everything came together perfectly. I really liked how you finished it off. This is perfect, I believe.