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"Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner"

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  • "Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner"

    Our Dog wakes with Bad Bed Hair,
    most Strands pointing Everywhere.
    A couple Shakes is just Enough,
    to bring Her to Her normal Fluff.

    Great ideas In strangest Places,
    most of Them from Common Faces.
    This will Change your Chore Demeanor,
    “Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner.”

    By Remote or Auto Set,
    shakes the Dirt out you can Bet.
    added Feature that is Great,
    the Furniture would Levitate.

    Once the Dirt is in Suspension,
    one more Add-on I should Mention.
    Big Dust Sucker on your Roof,
    Great Invention – need more Proof?

    Even is a Burglar Setting,
    Sucks them out Into a Netting,
    Helium balloon Inside,
    they’re Floating high so They can’t Hide.

    Watch for Ads in Coming Days,
    how to use It in More Ways.
    And I’ll always Stay on Top,
    of Great Ideas that Never Stop!

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    A fun witty write, and a tempting idea!


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      Thank you.