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  • The Cunning Path

    Traverse the wiccan way

    Practise healing with charm

    Intuitive awareness

    Channels the red serpent

    Coiled in the dancing stone

    Refreshes the pellar's staff
    Gates open as spirits
    Stride upon the corpse road

    Witch between the horns

    Enhanced by natural

    Draw sprowl's receptacle

    Magic beyond novice

    Grimoires,magic's grammars

    Craft secrets in circles

    Brew concoctions potions

    Amulets,cures or curse

    Wooden wands, staff or stave

    Cut and carved by crafts blade

    Cauldrons cooking conjures

    Symbolic the stones serve

    Familiars and fetches

    Folklores belief features

    In coven's stories script

    Misled transformation

    Pantheism, Paganism

    Wicca code of unity

    Place in natures order

    Harmony shares bounty

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    Hello Parkinsonspoet, Well, you've certainly shared your bounty with this, the most interesting of poems. Charms, exorcists, concoctions in the folklore, beliefs and the spiritual paraphernalia associated there with. I very much enjoyed this one. Different, to say the least and composed with surety in the art of poetry. Well done, Indeed. Fond regards, Tony.


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      Thank you Tony. I noiced a similarity between mindfulness and the wiccan brand of spiritualism. After reading about local legends I had a poem idea.


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        What a skillful write.

        Sharp cuts, that engrave upon the mind.

        Well done, poet!


        • #5
          Thank you Dwayne