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Deceit, Depravity and Demise (Inspired by Mr. Hayes)

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  • Deceit, Depravity and Demise (Inspired by Mr. Hayes)

    One cannot make the truth irrelevant.
    One may choose to
    deny it,
    disregard it,
    discredit it,
    utilize facade for subterfuge,
    obfuscate to confuse,
    but the mere trivialization of it
    does not diminish its worth.

    One may use lies as a prop
    in a propaganda play.
    Twist sincerity
    like pancake-make-up
    on a mime's face.
    Stoke rumour
    for advantageous chatter,
    but nevertheless
    the truth does matter.

    And a nation
    which abandons veracity
    as a foundation
    for conviction and belief,
    and mines its treasures
    heedless of deceit,
    may in short order
    come to realize
    a descent
    from depravity...
    to demise.


    Some time ago, I wrote a series of poems on truth. A discussion ensued, in which Mr. Hayes emphasized that:

    Truth is much more than the revelation or deployment of a fact. It is a flow, a fullness, a grace; it is everything in its right place.

    This statement has shaped my perception of truth, and it's importance in the preservation of a functional society.

    In recent days, we have heard a government spokesperson trivialize a blatant misrepresentation, by stating that its veracity was irrelevant, so long as the images projected emphasized the existence of an actual threat.

    Inspired by Mr. Hayes' comments, this poem is in response to that notion.
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    DWAYNE, OMG - you are urgently needed to clean up the political mess in Washington and elsewhere. I salute your poem and Grant's lovely words. You have been rightly inspired by the best.


    • DWAYNE
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      I appreciate your kind words, poet.

      The PEOPLE need to demand more of THEIR representatives.

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    Outstanding Dwayne. This grabs attention and deserves many readings. Many likes!!


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      'What is truth?' the prefect said.
      The Truth said nothing, and bled.


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        Truth is often an interpretation but that interpretation should be justifiable. Love your poem


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          Hello Dwayne, Like port and honey the truth can not be adulterated, watered down, if you like, as your poem so elegantly insists. You always write with pure of thought, the good poet with flair and dignity - to be admired, hailed and especially listened to. A great and grand poem, this one. Fond regards, Tony.


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            Thanks for reading, and your gracious compliment.

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          Truth threatened
          to image
          present threat.

          Yet, that threat
          never listens,
          never lessens
          the spokesperson's
          cunning presentation.
          Rebuttal is just lie's cement
          for fans of the President.


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            So true, and cleverly said!