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  • They say.. But

    They Say
    Sticks and stones, They say
    May break my bones, They say
    But words can't hurt me
    I beg to differ, I am not a tree
    I am human
    Nor am i subhuman
    Words and names hurt
    You try to rub it off like a white shirt with clinging dirt
    After a day playing in the sun
    But the damage is done
    The stain is there to stay.
    Some see it as child's-play
    To rub it off
    But to others it's like that cough
    That won't go away
    Though the colors will fade to grey
    From black and brown, The blood and pain may never go away

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    So much of life is suffering and involving something of a release from it. And your writing is true, I recognize your voice, it rings to my ears. The ending is lovely, I love the idea of colors fading, I've written some similar stuff.
    Thank you for sharing, Bryana.


    • Bryana Cronk
      Bryana Cronk commented
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      It was my pleasure

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    Transmuting pain
    into writing
    regains . . . something.


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      All that's said by words, is seldom heard, without the context. I think that's the crux of the saying.


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        So true, and artfully presented!


        • Bryana Cronk
          Bryana Cronk commented
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          Thank you so much, Dwayne