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  • Redesigned acrostic


    C annot afford health care for children, but every embryo must be born.
    A ll of the wealthiest deserve to pay less taxes than you or me, so they can live forever.
    T rillions into a circle of princely merchants need to flow to weaponry and war's empty morn
    S ince we know poor, dark people have to be dragged, mutilated and or slain to lever
    H uman rights, justice, freedom, hope - light
    U ndulating from an Almighty God's bloody hand painting stars, stripes,
    N ights of red glare and purpled majesties upon triumph's deafening sights.
    T aste of the sea's dead, banks bursting with jade-hewn pride for the victors ripe
    F or more, more, more explode unto flavors addictive,
    O rgasmically shaking earth and spread
    R ight, left, in between each mask, purr compliant - if a soul protests, His will vindictive
    U surps power, eats away their daily bread.
    S tarvation, suffocation, silence fare well over truth.

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    Witty and beautiful. Interesting reversal of roles the 'acrostic' points to. The state of affairs and Wry truths about them.


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      Much appreciated, amenOra!


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        There is plenty to ponder here, and much artistry in the presentation.

        Well done.


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          What I love about this poem is that you use strong visuals to show our political/economical/environmental/philosophical condition. Most writers talk about it. You make great use of the senses!


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            The rich get richer and the poor poorer. Sad state of affairs and well portrayed.


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              Billows of passionate plaint, cleverly marshalled.


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                Feral :- Once domesticated,
                since gone wild.

                Did I read this last year?
                Age forgets all
                too easily never fear
                but the plaint
                is good for another tour.