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  • Doing Wall Street Daddy

    Sister Greed is in cahoots

    Doing Wall Street Daddy for his loot

    In my Jones of New York suit

    All dry-cleaned, shiny and new

    With the Franco Sarto boots

    You want the hope that I exude

    I'm a corporate prostitute

    I push that product through

    Push it.

    Let me see who you want to be.

    Electric information at the touch of a key

    This is your life, and I'm the emcee

    Grand Prix Qi

    My church key

    "It's your psyche

    I want to sightsee."


    Shake the money tree

    Chlorophyll B through the Cayman I.V.

    I've got the fever and the docking fee:

    You on remote control with your DirectTV

    A glass of chablis

    And Trader Joe's Brie

    Eating away your buzzing Black Bee...

    What ideologies

    will you buy from me?

    When you look in the mirror,

    What can I make you see?



    A fat body

    Who you should really strive to be?

    On your boredom-induced shopping spree

    I sell you the feeling of being free

    How much will you spend for your identity?

    Anonymous acclamation.

    I'm in charge of it's proliferation

    Your incarceration

    Dead product reincarnation

    90-day-same-as-cash self-esteem castration

    You're the GNP of a consumer nation

    Your twist of fate is my iteration

    I am the cause of your causation

    I'm marketing and public relations.

    I know how old you are.

    And when you lost your dreams

    I know what kind of car you drive

    And how you want to be seen

    I know what kind of music you like

    So I can set your life to rhyme

    I know what kind of makeup you wear

    To leave your past behind

    I know what you take

    To calm yourself

    To make the rage subside

    To quiet that blatant little lie

    I've sold you as your life.

    I make video thrills

    Entertainment fills

    Disguise the trail of dollar bills.

    (...and now a word from our sponsor...)

    It's news time.

    We're on a dead line.

    Oh, man

    Let's get that shit canned

    Serve it up nice

    With a plate of rice

    So families can eat it for dinner

    Boys and girls

    Easy to distract

    Open raw minds

    Hungry for the 'facts'


    From virtual needle tracks

    How easily I train the consumer.

    Wherever their eyes go

    There's a message I post

    At the bus stop

    The cafeteria wall

    The back of a bumper

    In the bathroom stall

    In their textbooks

    In the class

    On a nine-year old

    Jean-clad ass.

    "I want, I want, I need, I need."

    I get paid to make needle tracks bleed.

    (Let me create and fill your needs.)

    I maximize each set of eyes

    Intoxicate and mesmerize

    Give you your lows

    Give you your highs

    Give you some sense

    Of having a life

    Did you want to supersize?


    Snake eyes

    Make our stocks rise

    In the corporate boardroom,

    We're all 'ayes.'

    I wrap it up nice and simplified.

    State-of-the-art graphics

    and stereotypes

    Make it easy to smoke in your gripe pipe

    Cue the music, pump the airwave hype

    The white-toothed Prophet is going on in five

    Grab a beer

    Are you ready to buy?

    The dollars you spend

    Say it's a win-win

    My banking clients

    Are more than willing to lend

    Their interest

    To you.

  • #2
    Quite a mouthful. Great flow, rhythm and saying like it is. This should be taught in school to open the eyes of future generations instead of hypnotizing followers making them sleepwalkers.


    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      Thanks ATL, I’d love for this to be taught in schools, instead we quest for the latest iPhone!

  • #3
    Hey Wall Street, Greed is good only when truth’s in the Hood. Pretty much Raps it up!


    • #4
      Quite clever you are with this rolling rap. It's not always easy to keep things going for this many lines. Though I don't know your intended audience (other than we poets in the zone), it would make an effective examine of conscience in the spiritual realm if one chose to apply it so. In fact, one line really grabbed me:

      How much will you spend for your identity?

      Though I picked up on it from a very different vantage point - I'd like to spend my life like Jesus did - in service and sacrifice of others. Not trying to baptize your poem, just pondering how a line from a poem in one context can be appropriated for quite a different purpose!


      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        RLW, I love your thoughts about this poem/rap. That’s what it was. My own examination of conscience after defecting from Corporate. I’ve always been an advocate for the consuming public, and ultimately got me fired when my company engaged in false advertising. My dream for this poem is a music video or lyrical video. It just hadn’t happened yet. Doing Wall Street Daddy had other intentions as well, to let the public know it’s not just The Boys who are raping and pillaging the sentient soul for the sake of consumerism.

      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        RLW...comment below.

    • #5
      Feel free to use for your purposes. But please do discuss with me first.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Well, that's interesting. Thank you for the offer. I don't have anything specific in mind right now (other than personal reflection), but sometimes poetry develops out of that too. I'll be sure to check with you if more thoughts arrive on my fingertips.

    • #6
      If nothing else, gives an awareness of marketing and advertising that you’re sure to explore in your personal life. Striving to be something other than we are almost always arises from a paid message. I’d be honored if this poem inspires people to teach media awareness to their children and friends. That is the Social Impact I hope for.


      • #7
        The individual versus the crowd is an excellent subject to explore! I enjoyed this one.


        • Sister Greed
          Sister Greed commented
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          Yes, personal experience.

      • #8
        The message is right on the money, Sister Greed, pardon the cliché.. And the wordage and flow are perfect! I read it out loud to my friend and she said it sounded just like the kind of ironic and bold rap Occupy Wall Street folks could get into and I agree.


        • Sister Greed
          Sister Greed commented
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          Katray, thanks for your comment. Do you rap? I’d love to hear you with this poem. I’m a filmmaker. I’d like to set a rap to visuals. And I was so inspired by your comment I signed up with Climate Disobedience Center! Ha!