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  • covered in plastic

    Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. --Voltaire

    Imagining the way, and what goes into ... this.

    Say, years and years ago, you became the color of someone's day.
    You did something that mattered, and it was a 'good' thing.

    I recognize you don't find much value in praise
    Of your good deeds. It's not even the embarassment of unsureity
    in the face of the compliment;
    you truly realize the hallowed fickleness of words
    as the land becomes the sea.

    And has no one learned
    After all these years ...
    Least of all me.

    The value of the truth of casting doubt upon
    your favorite creation.

    the idea is that, like the familiar saying,
    if you unleash truth, it is like a tiger, and will defend
    itself; however tigers become unhealthy if
    caged for too long, in zoos people go to
    and watch for some spirit left
    behind the bars which keep
    the animals separated from the people.

    if I ever became or touched or was near
    anything great, let the footsteps
    mean just as much, walking away ...
    let my rebellion hunger you
    who have slept inside plastic bags
    like blankets put on furniture
    nested in the spaces you go

    the people find the light. we're all unconfused.
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