Lmao! I wrote this poem in 2015! I was happy when I wrote it! But when I read it to a family member they suddenly took me shopping for clothes and shoes . . . and they took me out to lunch and dinner! I had to work hard to convince them that it was just a poem! Lmao!


My life ----- is like the ocean
It tosses me ----- to and fro
And I never ------ know the direction
my miserable ------ life will go

Like the tide ----- that goes in and out
my life's high ---- and then it's low
And people ----- just sit back and watch
the endless ----- ebb and flow

I must be ---- rather amusing
People just have ------ to stop and stare
They pretend ----- to be concerned
but I know ------ they don't really care

If you go out ---- to the seashore
you know the ocean ----- will always be there
I'm like an ocean ----- in constant motion
but I'm not ----- going anywhere