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    The days are getting shorter
    And the weather is getting cold
    The Summer leaves are changing
    from greens ------- to bronze and gold

    Bronze ---- and gold are nice
    But I like ---- when leaves turn red
    The color ----- delights the eye
    And is sure ------ to turn the head

    The Yellows
    are another showstopper
    And so are the leaves
    that are copper
    These leaves
    are as lovely as any
    Because they look
    like a brand new penny

    With so many colors to choose from
    I wish I could collect them all
    They linger on the trees
    before they gently fall

    The Autumn Leaves ---- fall like feathers
    and they hardly ------ make a sound
    But soon ----- their brilliant colors
    can be seen everywhere ----- on the ground

    Mother says ---- I must rake the leaves
    which is sure ------ to take a while
    But then the wind ----- blows them away
    And that is when ----- I smile
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