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"CeeeMeee" from Outer Space

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  • "CeeeMeee" from Outer Space

    “CeeeMeee” from space is making a trip,
    picked out a place – fueled the space ship.
    Stocked up with items of value and worth,
    set a course heading straight for our earth.

    Studied the languages of all the places,
    set for the visit along with their faces.
    Took quite a while to translate it all,
    and some of their words got an overhaul.

    Did their homework and certainly glad,
    beamed up a phone but not an iPad.
    Earth People spent a lot of time Texting,
    in CeeeMeee’s world just called it Spexting.

    Letters they used were almost the same,
    when CeeeMeee arrived would be in the game.
    Thought the Earth People a little bazaar,
    resigned to accept them just as they are.

    Lots of texts ended with brief “LOL”,
    why “eat their grapes while stuck in a well?”
    Of course there were those who wrote “BFF”,
    the meaning to CeeeMeee “a tall purple chef.”

    Saw quite a few with “X’s and O’s”,
    why would they eat “spaghetti toes”?
    Some would be brief with just “TLC”,
    don’t understand “rain boots on a bee?”

    When CeeeMeee arrived no one gave a moan,
    all were too busy watching their phone.
    Colliding with buildings – falling in water,
    Mom or the Dad – Son or the Daughter.

    At last CeeeMeee left and headed on back,
    yet our way of texting could not get the knack.
    But took a learned skill that was really neat,
    while CeeeMeee was here – picked up how to Tweet.

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    CeeMee is ahead of me then.


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      I'm with you.