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Predatory Predilections

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  • Predatory Predilections

    with predatory predilections
    contrive contrition
    upon such latent reflection,
    as merely
    a reaction
    to the prospect of infamy,
    in place of adulation.

    For they find females
    fodder for their felonious fascinations,
    and a damsel in distress
    is no less a potential prey,
    than an antelope,
    to leopards on the hunt.

    Make no mistake,
    the acts they commit
    under cover of darkness,
    that which they deign to proclaim
    less the facade of shade,
    are emboldened
    by a culture of acquiescence
    for a fee.

    And it is opportunistic objectification,
    an obstinate absence of appreciation
    for mutual inherent humanity,
    that has brought us to this place!

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    Hello Dwayne, The accursed cankered curs should be taken off the streets, dangerous beasts, the lot of them. A powerful poem once again from your distinguished pen. You tell it as it is without preaching but as a maverick lawman of yore might have done - before locking them up. It's great to read the truth and read it in the finest poetry. Fond regards, Tony.


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      So true. You call it like it is.


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        Tony, AlexandratheLate thanks for the fine compliments

        We are in desperate need of a culture change!


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          Excellently written and very timely; Kudos!


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            Is it culture or innate?

            The hunter,
            hunted to extinction
            never will be
            I think, when the spotlight
            turns away.