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  • Lust For Life

    “A lust for life

    Keeps us alive.”

    And you’re worried, your losing it.

    Grey skies do your crying

    For you

    Applause for your funny anger

    Nightly ovations

    Same jokes

    Different men

    Drink drops

    Compliments want in

    And you go home different

    Than the rest of us



    And I said over drinks

    “That was the game.

    This is reality.”

    Greatness will burn you out

    But apathy can’t keep you alive

    Tomorrow you’ll drain Chardonnay out by dialysis

    Pump blood through pulsing cyber veins

    Red pill, blue pill.

    Wake up from the dream

    And the whole thing ends

    “Which will kill you faster?”

    It’s come to this.

    “Can I smoke in your car?”

    I’m drunk, can’t feel a goddamn thing

    “And a lust for life

    Keeps us alive.”

    I’m a fucking hypocrite

    The skies do my crying.

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    here you have an edge, and a rawness, and the ending concludes beautifully in this way ... how can anyone argue with this, and that is the goods-- thanks for sharing, sister Greed!


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      AmenOra. Ok, before we get down to business, is your avatar a bra made from rosary beads? How completely cool. Well thank you. Edgy and raw. Maybe that’s why I can’t get a date! I haven’t read you yet. I’ll check you out. Again, thanks!


      • amenOra
        amenOra commented
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        It could be.

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      I like how you don't mess around. I'm not at a point to write this way, but I could see absorbing your work will teach me a lot about its value. I'm glad you're back.

      Also, and I say this as a realist, not a cynic, most all of us are hypocrites at some point or other, grey skies or no.


      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        Thanks, it’s good to be back. About hypocrites, it’s the nature of defining ourselves and the struggle between who we want to be and who we really are. I think...ha ha!

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      You have a wonderful knack of making a short line speak volumes, Sister Greed. I am very, very keen on such compression of effect; it is such a treat to see it done so well here. Kudos!


      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        Thanks Grant. I always learn so much from your comments. A new style emerges!

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      This is well fitted
      to be episode two,
      co-creating overlap
      thoughts read through.


      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        Well done. Pedicure is chapter 3.