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    She asks

    “What did you think of me

    When we met?”

    Kendall Jackson slides down her throat tastefully


    But well beneath her tastes

    Her blond bob is tossed back to reveal

    Eyelashes that no other woman

    Could pull off

    Blink blink

    She waits for my answer

    What does she want to hear?

    “Besides that you were very funny?”


    Something she’s heard

    All her life as a stand up


    “Yeah.” She repeats.

    “I thought you were legit.”

    She waits.

    “We’re you looking for something deeper?”

    Blue ice turns grey

    And darkens

    No blinking

    Grey Goose slides down my throat

    Foreign to me

    Now that I’ve stopped drinking

    Another sip

    “I knew you were dying.”

    Never leaves my lips

    The Cosmo glass in my unfeeling fingertips

    Pulp swirling in a pink universe

    Colliding and missing, colliding and missing

    The Kendall Jackson sits


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    Exquisitely observed vignette, Sister Greed; top drawer and more. Although it's complete and just right as it is, I can see it also working as part of a longer work - a poem-novel.


    • Sister Greed
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      It just may! I don’t have the chops you have though! I see what you’re thinking, Grant. I’ll work on chapter 2.
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    Leaves one wanting more!!


    • Sister Greed
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      Lust for Life is chapter 2. Thank you by the way. That’s the ultimate compliment.

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    I admire your ability, as some other poets here in the zone, to take in the world, the people, the sights and sounds, and project them back with such keen insight. Although mostly I count my rhyming desire as gift and recognize the satisfaction it brings (which is no small thing), I can see it also sometimes hampers me. I think my best work will come when I marry the inherent, lyrical side of common speech to an ability to show it through words that neither corrupt nor enhance unduly.


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      Vodka to Chardonnay
      Eyes ice-blue gray scarify
      rose mortality.

      How does one get accented letters
      as in rose (rosay) on RhymeZone?
      Grant seems to have the knack.
      Last edited by Johntee; 11-29-2017, 09:22 AM.