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The Loneliest Trail

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  • The Loneliest Trail

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    The Loneliest Trail

    Yes it's true I wear only black,
    Ya see, I lost my Honey awhile back,

    This tested my iron as an ol' cowpoke,
    I'll tell ya, Goin it lonesome, ain't no joke,

    Have ya 'er seen a cowboy, head down, a cryin?
    I'm told it ain't a pretty sight, y'all'd be eyein,

    Out on the range, a man is mostly on his own,
    On the ol' dusty trail, reckon I ain't 'er been this alone,

    A man talks to his Maker at times like these,
    But there ain't no way in hell the pain'll 'er ease,

    A cowboy don't need much, a good mount to ride,
    Maybe a favored wind at his back, and a star to guide,

    But, I surely miss my Honey, aine this you better bet,
    If ya see me ridin by, Runnin down my face ain't only sweat,
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    Always straight from the heart. Its the cowboy way.


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      I'm sorry for your loss.

      My Dad would love this - especially since we lost Momma (his bride of 65 years) just weeks ago. Mind if I print and share it with him Rhymin Into the Sunset?


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        Thank you kindly ma'am, she was quite a Lady. Be my guest with the sharing, and please send your Dad my most sincere condolences.


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          Rhymin Into the Sunset = Robert Wendt.

          The scent of humbug is unmistakable, 'cowboy'.


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            Loved it! Good Poem and Nice rhyming!
            I am sorry for your loss.I can understand your feelings well.
            I too miss my honey Feeling Lonely! Her memories are over-flowing in my mind.


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              ^ Oh look! A newborn sock-puppet pops up from nowhere to bless the 'cowboy's' doggerel.

              Now where have I seen that before?

              Robert Wendt, you were banned from this site for your predatory behaviour that harmed several forum users.

              You think a cowboy hat and sunglasses is going to fool everyone? Who are you eyeing for your next victim?