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  • Anxiety 13

    In memory of the Dream Songs of John Berryman

    You are the uninvited whore
    In my worn-down soul

    With your gaudy makeup
    Flouncing zigzag about

    In a whirl wind dither – then
    Stopping without warning

    You take off cheap nylons
    & trick-stained panties

    When you sit on my face
    I cannot breathe

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    I’ll be the first to comment. I’m most curious about your title, being painfully unread! Are you doing an Anxiety book? I love this poem and the ending is a good punch. I wrote a poem very similar to this called Hooker Angel. She was the Happy Hooker and my lover. Tricky. Pardon the pun.


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      Sister Greed, You are always willing to tackle the most "dicey" situations. John Berryman wrote his famous Dream Songs with #'s after them. His protagonist Henry often consorted with the inner city ilk of society and was fond of drink and women. John Berryman committed suicide by jumping off a bridge over the Mississippi in Minnesota.

      Legend has it that he waved to a woman crossing the bridge during his fall. The # 13 was inserted to signify bad luck. I occasionally post poems that are a little bit too edgy for most folk.

      For people who suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks not being able to breathe is a real terror. The hooker here is Anxiety herself and the man is overwhelmed by the sexual demands of the situation. Repost your poem!
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