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    Some cowboys don't play a fiddle, or a guitar,
    Some cowboys don't drink, or belly up to the bar,

    Some cowboys don't get into fights fer fun,
    But this cowboy won't 'er back away from one,

    A cowboy don't always reckon just what to do,
    But this cowboy won't break an oath, Cuz he's true blue,

    Some cowboys ain't always ridin tall in the saddle,
    But this cowboy when under fire, won't 'er skedaddle,

    Some cowboys ain't able to keep fears at bay,
    But courage is fearin, aine saddling up any old way,

    Some cowboys shy away from the unknown,
    But this cowboy won't 'er let ya face demons alone,

    Some cowboys don't ride off into a settin sun,
    But this cowboy knows just how the west was won,

    Some cowboys are lost, aine don't have a clue,
    This cowboy knows what he wants, aine Darlin that's you,
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    Just trying something new


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      Rhymin Into the Sunset, welcome to the Zone. Since you attached a photo, I was wondering if that was the prompt? You've definitely got the cowboy vibe/lingo down for your rhyming couplets. I can almost hear the guitar in the background!


      • Rhymin Into the Sunset
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        That's me in the flesh, both the look and from the heart.

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      Welcome to the zone Rhymin. Nicely done on this poem. Loved the sunset pic.


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        Give us your old and give us your new, Cowboy. Nicely penned!


        • Rhymin Into the Sunset
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          Thank you very much, but I am not very new, just gettin old

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        Welcome & howdy cowboy! I haven't heard the skedaddle in years - takes me back as I often used to hear my mum using it! Love the rhyme and perhaps a 'John Wayne' theme going on - could be a song too?


        • Rhymin Into the Sunset
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          Perhaps, us cowboys have been accused of spinnin a tune or two. Thank you

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        Thank y'all for your kindly comments. Somewhere theres a cowboy smilin tonight


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          Back to prey on the ladies, eh, Robert Wendt?

          The only thing about you that's 'cowboy' is the strong smell of horse dung.