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The Distaff Ceremony in 19th Century America (Reposted for Sister Greed)

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  • The Distaff Ceremony in 19th Century America (Reposted for Sister Greed)

    At their request
    Dress them proper in Sunday best
    It might be fine black lace

    With white embroidered trim
    High collar starched stiff
    Appropriate for this solemn occasion

    If too poor to make
    Or buy a new outfit
    Friends townsfolk or even the Sheriff
    Might provide the clothes

    Advertise this auspicious event
    Of justice heaven sent
    Expect a large crowd jostling
    For a clear-sighted view

    Today no tree branch will do
    Or cart’s rear end
    Sit them side-saddle in their fancy attire
    As befits their female charm

    Use a good hemp rope
    To caress and adorn the neck
    Pull it tight and let them drop quick
    To flounder and flap about

    What crimes got them here
    Besides murder – witchcraft arson
    Concealing a birth
    Adultery or stealing a shoe

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    To what do I owe this honor Tanner? I love it! You’re such a great writer!


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      "Lizzie Borden took an axe
      and gave her mother forty whacks"
      (or did she?)
      but sentence went behind stone walls
      so justice served her up to Hacks
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        Sister Greed, When you returned I knew I had to repost and dedicate to you. I know you would be particularly interested in the mistreatment of women in the 19th century and earlier centuries in America. When I researched the topic, I was horrified to learn what women were hanged for! I.e. the last stanza says it all. Welcome Back!


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          I love you! Thank you. This was such a daunting true story, well crafted. The historical persecution of the feminine divine. I’m scared to speculate which side I was on as I’m sure I was male in that time period. Thank you again!