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  • Sheep Dipping

    Dipping Sheep 27th Nov. 2017

    This member of the flock,

    weakened by immersion shock,

    shivering , too stunned to stand,

    a sheep, fleece overweighted,

    dripping dip, is shoulder freighted,

    broad-backed, the plodding mile home.

    Health & Safety? There is none.

    We're talking before that time,

    when youth could prove its' worth

    in careless lives and feats of strength,

    while painters might bathe in turpentine

    so farmers, engaged in the Fly-Strike fight

    under Min. of Ag. constraint,

    could wallow in organophosphate,

    happily unaware that history

    puts nerve-gas in the same family.
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    And what do we happily do today
    that tomorrow will prove deadly?
    And will tomorrow bring out
    those who knew so yesterday?


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      In the five stages of grief
      Denial at official level
      always far exceeds its brief

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      Yet I look
      with jaundiced eye
      on the fate
      of the striking fly