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The Wolf and I ('Attagirl!')

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  • The Wolf and I ('Attagirl!')

    For three nights and for two days we
    Warily watched each other. She
    Was a lone wolf, I was a fool
    Resigned to our fates, grim and cruel-
    Death from hunger on the cold plains
    Of Siberia. Within my veins,
    My blood was ice; my bones, like stone,
    Weighed down my flesh where I lay prone
    In a field on a bed of snow,
    Where my last breath, I'll draw and blow.
    Helpless there I'd lain for two days,
    When I spied the wolf through the haze.
    Between her and me, a gap yawned
    Of four score yards but a shared bond
    Held us firm in each other's thrall.
    We were doomed to die in the squall,
    And for a meal to say goodbye,
    Each wished the other first to die.

    For three nights and for two days we
    Kept our desperate watch until she,
    Out of the blue, traversed the gap!
    On the third day, from a short nap,
    I woke to find her by my side,
    Huddling close to warm her cold hide
    Which heaved sparingly. Her short breaths
    Told me that of our looming deaths,
    Hers was due first. We spent the night
    With limbs entwined. No dread or fright
    Had I but, while she soundly slept,
    I a long thought-filled vigil kept
    Till daybreak, which with great daring,
    I welcomed because unerring
    Was the grave step which next I took.
    Beware, Reader! For now you'll brook
    The grim tale of how my madness
    Helped me perish with wild gladness.

    I reached for my knife and with it,
    Severed my withered thumb. It split
    Painlessly thanks to the frostbite
    Which had since turned my left hand white.
    To the wolf's nose, I held the thumb;
    She gave it a look, wan and glum,
    Before to my utmost delight
    She licked it, and with scarce a bite,
    Swallowed it whole! My fingers four
    She ate that day. On the next, more
    Cheer came her way as my toes went
    The same way. Soon my strength was spent.
    I shed blood while she stood upright.
    She rallied while for my last night
    On earth I primed myself. For when
    Day broke, my knife I gripped again
    And thrust it through my heart. I spied
    Her teeth and claws before I died.


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    Hello Raoul, A great story, indeed and how you have composed it, is a marvel of continuity in poetry writing. I've enjoyed this one to no end, though, personally, I would have eaten the bitch - hahaha! That being said, wonderful, imaginative and different. Well done indeed. Fond regards, Tony.


    • Raoul D'Harmental
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      Thank you Tony for your kind and encouraging comment. I appreciate it a lot! Have a pleasant day R

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    Holy cow! You can tell a tale Raoul! No doubt.


    • Raoul D'Harmental
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      Haha. I am glad you like this RLW

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    Quite a tale well told, Raoul!


    • Raoul D'Harmental
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      Thanks Muttado1sb. Have a lovely day! R