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  • Brother Tariq-Hetero Sapien

    Highlighted rhyme scheme and actual recording here:

    Lyrics (incase that's necessary for a post, I forgot):

    Twas frosted cold when we lost his soul
    Was tossed alone, frenzy, lost in jolt
    Of constant blows then we got his corpse
    The sobs ‘n crows for all his hopes
    Numb, solemn woes but solace grows
    With an ominous tone in the Johnson home
    Noxious smoke, toxins flow
    All this for, talkin slow

    Might just go, tie a rope
    Light petrol, slice my throat
    Sorry bro, Shot for no
    Possible, logic no
    This is how it often goes
    Riches power all the blokes
    Live in towers pockets hold
    Friggin pounds of solid gold
    Got to go, haltin all this

    Pompous prophets run for office
    Tallest wallets crossin all us
    Godless raucous causin’ losses
    Lots of problems, all for profit
    Polits always call it faultless
    Chronic tonic causin vomit
    Carnage droppin tots in coffins

    Damn it man this land is lawless
    Bandits havin stranded all us
    Stabbed in backs with lancets all the
    Vandals branded jackin off to
    Passion rabbits trappin novice
    Brats in packin flashin off the

    Jackets, bands ‘n lavish watches
    Packin Mac tens, gats ‘n Glocks but
    Half ‘em can’t just practice on a
    Passin object
    Rather have ‘em blastin on to
    Nascent mobsters
    Padawans of, Frank Sinatra
    Passin crack then Hash ‘n Juana
    Vagabonds just, sackin Shopper’s
    Plantin pot buds, actin awful
    Slappin tramp’s ‘n nabbin Ganja
    Lackin all the common knowledge
    Why’s this have to happen often?
    Can’t this gang shit actually stop bruh?
    All this after grabbin chocolate?

    Why’s Tariq so damn anomalous?
    White or green no man is novel

    Died a priest or back as God still
    Light must reach the bad ‘n awful
    To smite the weak, Abandon slaughter
    Cause righteous people can’t just stop the
    Knives the weed or ban the shotguns
    Might just need to ask the lord for
    Light reprieve from canon law cause
    Higher needs must have priori-
    Ty but is this bat shit all that
    Skyward preachers have to offer
    Life just seems mo’ sad than moral
    When Might was bestowed back to monsters
    Plight of evil had to prosper
    Like a steeple at the top of
    Lightning peak or Kilimanjaro

    Might just fall low
    When I could follow, a life of sorrow
    Cry and wallow, Mind was hollow
    Now it’s poundin like apollo’s
    Fire arrows
    Tried an auto, like Vin Van Gogh
    But I’m Picasso, I’m immortal
    Tried some narco to restore this

    Broken heart in whole or part
    It’s swollen, tart, Alone in park
    So I’ll go in hard, to spoken art
    Glow in dark to show em stark
    I’ll hold the world like Noah’s ark
    Blow their souls with potent sharp
    Explosive darts
    The croaking bard on an overflowin barge
    Home is harm no open arms
    No regard, for poet’s marks
    Controllin words, like olden swords
    Slowed in lard, in cornered march
    “Walking through water, waist-high sand.”
    Talking to mama, take my hand
    God sent you Ta, to shake high lands
    I’ve Gotten through all the aches, crime, man
    Make Ty glad, Damn lost the way
    This is all I’ve got to say
    Soon we can just walk away
    I’ll be there to talk today
    Here you go bro, rock the stage
    Rock the world
    I’ll be with you all in short
    Endin every ounce of hurt
    (Gun shot sound effect)

    The linked things is cause I copy pasted it back from Genius (I wrote this though lol). They link to annotations. I don't know rule about links but sorry if I broke a rule.
    Also this is rhyme orientated poetry. And is based on the book "How it Went Down" from the character perspective "Tina".

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    Epic rap style here, Tariq. You do it very well indeed; lots of memorable lines and phrases, and a lively intellect shines through. I like how you mix rhyme with near-rhyme, and you pull off some daring stunts, like ending lines with 'the', 'for', 'of'. The momentum you've set up carries the reader through.