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  • Seed


    Man is like a plant
    that sprouts up from a seed
    God gives us Rain and Sun
    and all the things we need

    There's a bunch of seed in Heaven
    which God takes into His hand
    He throws it here and there
    and scatters it throughout the land

    But it matters where He scatters
    the seeds from which we grow
    And the type of seed we are
    is something only God will know

    But when our lives are over
    And our jourmey is complete
    We find out ---- if we were Weeds
    Or noble stalks of Wheat

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    Hello Rhymeboy, A fine harvester of poetry, you are and proven in this divine verse. A well crafted poem, upstanding and wise. A noble stalk of wheat wrote this, as for myself, I think you'll find me amongst the weeds - hahaha! I have enjoyed this lovely poem for its art and wisdom. Thank you very much. Fond regards, Tony.


    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      Hello Tony Grannell! And Thank You very much for your very witty words of praise. A fine crafter of poetry yourself . . . your words mean a great deal to me! Thanks for taking time to read it! I enjoy reading your poetry as well! Btw, you seen like a Noble Stalk of Wheat