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Killing Time

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  • Killing Time

    I wander the outskirts of
    Town where the air smells
    Chemical with dirty streets
    Shuttered shops abandoned
    In disrepair broken lights
    Windows abject despair

    I like to ride the city bus
    It helps me pass the day
    I have nothing better to do
    Nowhere I need be because
    No one misses my absence

    Old people mostly black
    And a few whites haggard
    Looking run down they sit
    Frozen quietly staring off
    into space not at each other

    Perhaps if I roll up my
    Sleeves and show off a few
    Jailhouse tats and start
    Muttering it might cause
    Some people to get up
    And change their seats

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    ‘No one misses my absence’ What a sad state of loneliness you describe, Tanner.

    I am for no one but me,
    for no one but me knows I am
    Ignored and ignobled
    unloved and unremarked
    I am everywhere
    yet nowhere
    But I am, and I know
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      “Windows abject despair” says it all right. An extension of our vision. I like this poem a lot. I feel it.


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        So vivid.


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          Vivid description of desolation in an urban centre, in uniquely Tanner style!


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            Hello Tanner, I like this poem very much. You write as it is amongst the ironweeds, hardened words gritting the lines of each stanza. Excellent stuff. Regards, Tony


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              To All, this is a true poem based on personal experience. In late adolescence, I returned to Michigan and lived with my alcoholic father and wicked stepmother in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Poor southern whites and blacks had come up to Michigan to work in factories in Willow Run during the second World War. I went to school with many adolescents who were descendants of these people. There were a lot of racial problems in my high school, and out of 220 graduating seniors only 12 individuals went on to Community College or University. I was living in an economically very impoverished environment and there was little hope for meaningful employment for many. Bleak it was.