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    It was just another quiet day

    People just sitting around saying their prayers

    Once again the living lost all their value

    And some how the terrorist found away

    People just praying and believing

    And now they are left grieving

    There is a better life ahead

    But little did the people realize

    It would come to a terrible end

    Even in the most holiest places

    People can't be free

    Once again we see the blood everywhere

    And including the little ones

    They lost their lives for what

    Terrorist didn't even know what religion they were

    Just a senseless act of more destruction

    Its not just once a year

    Its everyday we have to live in fear

    We will always be against the will of terror

    Terror is what makes our love die

    We must stay and love together

    Terror will be here and everywhere

    I guess we can hope by the lyrics of John Lennon

    All we are saying give peace a chance


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    Well said, Tony! There is no place safe in the world.


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      Its unreal Thanks