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The Real Estate Waiting Game staaaaaring?

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  • The Real Estate Waiting Game staaaaaring?

    Another day at the reception desk and I'm fighting fatigue and boredom
    a car pulls into the parking lot driven by comedian James Corden
    Now I hope he's not here for karaoke fun, new homes are much more rewardin
    after he signs on the dotted line, celebration and song I'll award him

    Through the front door walks Mr.Corden with a swagger befitting a star
    'Well hello Mr.Corden, the Late Show Warden, welcome to Realtors Bazaar
    where we will find, your one of a kind, palace deserving a czar
    a gated community, where you'll have immunity, off the city radar'

    "Well that sounds great, my real estate mate, can't wait till we get started
    spare no expense, not on the fence, no sorrow in dollars parted
    When my friends arrive, there must be a drive, for song and dance lighthearted
    a dining hall, with a disco ball, and gourmet meals a la Carted"

    'I found just the place, with an easy pace, across the river in Hudson
    with sculptured gardens, and it's quite a bargain, it's charm needs no introduction
    With vibrant night life, and artist highlights, live music for added seduction
    consider the date, we must negotiate, this home's near completed construction'

    "I'm ready to commit, and I must admit, you've exceeded my expectations
    this home is divine, and in due time, your invited for future celebrations
    It will be my honor, having you as my sponsor, in further business relations
    I'm writing you a check, I hope you'll accept, for a million dollar donation"

    (c) copyright Bobby Del Boy 11/19/17

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    I like these Bobby and always look forward to the next one. Very entertaining.


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      So many cleverly turned lines in this one Bobby - you're in rare form in this intricate, transactional entertainment. Kudos once again - success!
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        AlexandratheLate thank you for your loyal readership. I enjoy writing them for you.


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          Really enjoyed it! The lines are fun and witty and fit Corden very well. And I thought of a house that might fit the description and came across this villa in Greece. Bet Mr Corden should approve of it
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            Money walking through the door.
            Something you are waiting for?
            Wait! Wait and Wait again
            Life can make you wait in vain.


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              RhymeLovingWriter ”intricate transactional entertainment” works brilliantly for me. You are an artist on both sides of the coin. Thank you for gracing my page!


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                iWill that home will have to be added to my listings. Maybe James is looking for a place in Greece. Thanks for stopping by and for the lead.


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                  Johntee there’s always a happy ending for “the agent “ in The Waitng Game


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                    I never thought I'd say anything appreciative of the SPAMMERS who have struck so many of the poetic writings on this site, but today I'm thrilled that a totally unrelated comment brought this joyful read back to the top of the queue Bobby Del Boy !!! Imagine my excitement when I first saw your name, and saw it was one of your series poems of a real estate bent...giddiness ruled. Then I saw the date...but no was a treat to read it again and remember the days when you were turning these out on a regular basis.

                    Did you ever put them all together into a book format? I seem to remember you mentioning that as a possibility.

                    Either way, your name is missed in the queue, and for today at least, I've "Kentucky Derbied" this one to the top. Hopefully it will last a good long while and not get pushed down the line by multiple postings or SPAM.


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                      The wondering
                      of well-turned words,
                      the realtor at play. Spam,
                      The Resurrection Man, exhumes
                      those visions of the past,
                      courtesy of Bobby
                      del Boy.
                      Thank you RLW