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  • Champions

    In today’s world who do we call champions

    The first thought of mine is any sport team

    They have to come up with a winning scheme and the team has to have dreams

    Maybe in your life your champion is doctors and nurses

    That helps all of with their great medical services

    Maybe your champion is the firemen

    As they try to stop the fire bugs and are always determine

    Maybe your champion are the police officers

    As they are always putting their lives before others

    Maybe your champion is your pastor

    As they are there to listen and try to find the answer

    Maybe your champion is the soldier

    As they fight for us so we can be free for another day

    Maybe your champion is your parents

    They are the ones that are always listening and caring

    In my life I think everyone of us are true champions

    When we fail we know how to get back up

    A true champion is knowing you always give it your best

    You fight to the very end

    And never show signs you are giving up

    So ask yourself that one big question who is your champion in your life


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      Well asked and well answered, Tony!