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  • Patriarchs

    Most of the greats; I knew

    Great, greats, I knew a few

    The oldest son of an oldest son

    Oh how the time just flew

    Back in my early years

    When youth it had no fear

    Stories spun, by the ancient ones

    Tales from old gray beards

    That seemed to ease their pain

    And me the knowledge gained

    Is locked inside, a flowing tide

    In walks down memory lane

    Each step that I retrace

    In etched impressions placed

    In mind and heart, they did a part

    To seal a timeless fate

    For patriarchs can all agree

    From branches high on trees

    To recall, I knew them all

    With fear it falls to thee

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    An old soul would agree this wreaks nostalgia and wisdom. Well done divot!


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      Very nostalgic Divot.


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        Where are the Matriarchs.
        Do they play in life
        the lesser part?
        In a scene of sound and fury
        can we chance to "Find the Lady?"


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          I fear I’m soon to be the oldest living limb on the family tree. Family reunions, I wish we would of had more of them. I’m afraid I’ll be ask to many times (who’s that person in this picture). Thanks for your interest and comments.


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            This is a profoundly true articulation of the seasons of life.

            For me, this is timely, as I was pondering how the passage of each person from the older generation, leaves the branches bare, for we who remain!