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  • Inorganic

    No feeling
    No sympathy
    No emotion
    Just another bad seed

    There lies nothing
    Right within you
    Thinking, and talking like machine
    So glad I'm not like you

    No splendour
    No beauty
    No uniqueness
    You're all dead to me

    Nothing inside
    Of the scarred image of man
    I won't respect, nor befriend you
    For how you portray yourself
    You better understand

    Inorganic features
    With a humanlike face
    A distorted figure
    A portrait of disgrace

    Tell me, do you feel
    The tears that rain down
    On this world?
    No, you can't feel
    Nor care as we drown
    You're just a living carcass
    You're just dirt

    You're just dirt
    You're just dirt

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    Either a very poetic horrible put down, or a rather poetic twisted description of the earth. Either way, well done, Bry!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      It was the former Thanks very much for the comment