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Bear Trap Revisited

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  • Johntee
    commented on 's reply
    If I can bring a smile
    then Life's been
    Thanks Alex

  • Johntee
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    I think kudos is the approved response

  • AlexandratheLate
    Well done poet! Great rhyme and rhythm and story.

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  • Muttado1sb
    To Hibernate

    To hibernate
    could be great fun
    To sleep in late
    until Spring’s sun
    awakes one morn
    and life’s reborn
    anew for you

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  • Johntee
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    I put the last two lines on while posting. Subsequently I think the last line was a mistake. I should have left the last three as an evolving triplet.

  • grant hayes
    Seven engaging couplets that capture seasonal change with an ursine turn. Clever work, Johntee.

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  • Johntee
    started a topic Bear Trap Revisited

    Bear Trap Revisited

    A rewrite from last winter
    with 6 lines of different
    character added.

    Bear Trap Revisited 13th Nov. 2017

    As the weather takes on a chill,
    while nothing so much as some might feel,
    and others might wish for warmer climes
    or fur-coat's fashion of former times,
    I envy the bear that can hibernate
    though it must come in fattened state
    gorged with all that it might eat
    from berries, to fish, to good red meat
    yet, when the land is seared by cold,
    when freezing Winter's grip takes hold,
    cave warmed inside that shaggy pelt
    it sleeps and dreams on lipid wealth
    till Spring's kiss breaks the spell
    on "Sleeping Bruin and A Winter's Tale"