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Reminiscence of Sacrifice

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  • Reminiscence of Sacrifice

    This came from a History Society
    after-dinner speech last year.

    Reminiscence of Sacrifice 1st Dec. 2016

    Recalling then a young girl wed,

    a country mile of youth to age,

    Nineteen years, auburn haired,

    a spat-on hand to close the cage

    and that in the Nineteen Seventies.

    "Sacrificed for land," you said.

    Your story's told when the land is sold,

    what can you know of the life she led,

    what gossips whispered beyond the stead,

    that a bride may be bought for a family's greed

    and a coffin waked as a marriage bed.

    Ah now! Weren't they the Good Old Days?

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    Oh my - I like this. I just heard a reflection on the 'Good Old Days' on my car radio coming home from a meeting. How illusory, our nostalgic waxings - yet, some moments out of time are dear to heart. Both/and for me again...both/and.


    • Johntee
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      Some people love the land
      and would sell their soul
      for where they stand,
      some others would
      sell another's.
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    " a spat on hand to close the cage" wow! Some cracker lines in this Johntee.


    • Johntee
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      The horse-trader's,
      cattle- traders
      shake to seal
      the deal,
      my attempt
      to find an Irish angle
      though the whole subject
      is entirely rural Irish.
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    Ah, the good old days. I'm sure there were some in between all the others. But I don't think they were the better days. This good poem is definitely about what may have been one of the less good old days. Nice, Johntee!