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Psyched Out (from Tanner's Clouds in April stream)

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  • amenOra
    Well done. Has a bite to it, thankya. Kudos to you Johntee

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  • Tanner
    Johntee, Yes I was truly freaked out by the professor's words. Unfortunately and naively, I got entangled with my graduate school supervisor who I later learned was involved with several people at the same time. Not a good time for my self-esteem or emotional well-being. Apparently, I was a minor piece (a pawn) in her ongoing chess game.

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  • Johntee
    started a topic Psyched Out (from Tanner's Clouds in April stream)

    Psyched Out (from Tanner's Clouds in April stream)

    From the answer to Grant's appreciations
    I extracted a question that took
    a weekend of dubious tries
    to resolve clean and clearly
    and a secondary
    "Where would that
    academic stand today?"

    Psyched Out 5th Nov. 2017

    So when, in the cafeteria line,

    the Head of Psychology leaned in

    to sap young love through sad chagrin,

    a Power Play of grades confirmed

    and loveless loss to an old Bull-seal,

    to couch it in confessional terms,

    "How did it make you feel?"
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