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  • Blank

    My mind went blank
    my face did too
    when on my flank
    came you-know-who

    I was surprised
    that they were here
    which galvanized
    my speaking fear

    I couldn't talk
    But nor did they
    while we did walk
    along the way

    For it did daunt
    this circumstance
    though I did want
    to take a chance

    Finally I
    worked up some nerve
    and pulled from my
    inner reserve

    I swallowed hard
    and breathed in deep
    forced down my guard
    readied my leap

    I said 'Hello'
    and 'How are you'
    Then they said 'Oh'
    and 'Hello' too

    They said 'I'm fine
    It's been a while'
    with a divine
    though awkward smile

    I said 'Ah, well
    I think that's great'
    hoping to quell
    my fast heartrate

    I realized
    my small faux pas
    so then devised
    to fix the flaw

    'You're fine, I mean
    That's great, I think'
    my thoughts careened
    while I turned pink

    'But yes, it has
    been quite a while'
    I said with as
    awkward a smile

    'I should have tried
    to keep in touch'
    my tone implied
    I meant as much

    'Oh, that's okay
    I could've, too'
    They looked away
    'So, how are you?'

    We chatted then
    in fits and starts
    chiming in when
    we thought of parts

    the other might
    remember, too
    and add insight
    or point of view

    We reached a spot
    where our paths split
    Agreed to not
    let this be it

    Saying we’d try
    to stay in touch
    Knowing the lie
    was meant as such

    And in its way
    it was just fine
    They went their way
    and I went mine

    Despite the rust
    they seemed the same
    If I could just
    recall their name

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    LOL! I have been in this spot - more times than I care to count. Faces I usually can recall...but the names... I bought a book about how to enhance that recall, but haven't practiced the methodology it recounted, leastwise not consistently enough to notice much of a difference. So, the scenario repeats.


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Thanks, RLW! As I get older I have more of these situations where I have to ask someone else I’m with, after the person I was talking with has left, who it was. I hadn’t thought about ways to help that. I may have to look into your book.

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    happening for me now with a new employee at work. He knows my name but I have no clue what his is. Here's my plan: before our Christmas party, I'm gonna find out his name and introduce him to my wife. Ice broken, problem solved! Wonderful write Muttado.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, Bobby! Good luck with the Christmas party plan. Hopefully you won’t get caught out before then.

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    The displacement of people
    from their familiar places.
    Then I wonder just
    whose this face is.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, Johntee! Seeing someone outside where you normally interact with them can be a little disconcerting at times.