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The Benediction of Fraying

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  • The Benediction of Fraying

    After contemplation
    My life has frayed at the edges
    For many years

    Strands of memory
    Dispersed condensation trails
    In high cirrus

    My empty hands
    Now gnarled corroding hooks
    Rust in the wind

    While the treasured
    Moments an irascible herd
    Of sheep call out

    For their shepherd
    Who once I suspect lived
    In my clothes

    Last edited by Tanner; 11-05-2017, 05:12 PM.

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    Tanner, this is a BEAUTIFULLY VISCERAL, eloquent, poetic piece of work!

    The whole piece!

    You have really mastered your craft!


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      DWAYNE, I highly value positive comments from you as well as your eloquence, economy of diction and moral authority in the beautiful poems you produce. As I said before, the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry was given to the wrong man. It should have been you.


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        From high clouds to calling sheep, through wind and rust, the elemental imagery makes this a powerful soliloquy. It flows beautifully, Tanner, and the final image of the shepherd-that-was is brilliant. A rueful masterpiece.


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          Grant, Praise from you and DWAYNE will help me sleep well tonight. I have been feeling somewhat unpoetic as of late. I am always surprised when a poem comes to me these days. Perhaps more sleep will stoke the creative fire. Thank you also for linking the "elemental images" - I don't think that came from my conscious mind.


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            The journey - the quest - the feelings of frustration and finality - all are turned to beauty by your faithfulness.


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              Memory sometimes
              comes belatedly,
              a wine with
              a 'best before date.'


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                Aging eloquently, Tanner! This is wonderful.


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                  Muttad1sb. Thank you for your wonderful comment, i.e. "Aging eloquently" - Love it!