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Writers Regret.

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  • Writers Regret.

    I don’t write anymore,

    I really regret it,

    But I fear that anything I write,

    You’ll just forget it.

    Because there’s so many—

    Words in your day-to-day life,

    That these don’t seem to stand out,

    In the weekly strife.

    There’s pop song lyrics,

    So many business letters,

    Plus, the books, reviews,

    stock market numbers, the news.

    If I just pandered and told you,

    You’re pretty and smart,

    I would feel like I’m losing,


    In my art.

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    I understand, I think, your frustration. But some words...spoken in the right way by the right person...stay with us always.


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      Hold no regrets for your words if you mean what you say, benjamin! Your words here brought to mind the words of the Tom Tom Club's 'Wordy Rappinghood':

      'Words in papers, words in books
      Words on TV, words for crooks
      Words of comfort, words of peace
      Words to make the fighting cease
      Words to tell you what to do
      Words are working hard for you
      Eat your words but don't go hungry
      Words have always nearly hung me

      What are words worth?
      What are words worth? Words'