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  • Losing the Echoes...

    Ask how many killers in prison
    Regret what they did;

    Ask the vendor
    Ask for watermelons and lemons
    and tomatoes and chives--
    No, no chives?

    Ask the stifled breath where it
    goes;-- to listen to yourself
    Ask for tomorrow, if it's named--
    Lost in silent spaces

    Waiting to be Named.

    Packages, other things, receipts.
    And the tallest order--

    Memorizing the way someone
    Walks, perhaps, and then
    Having to hear them walk away.

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    Again you've brought me to a moment, particularly that final stanza, of expectation - sadly so. It's likely only my state of mind these days when I hope to cling to every memory with tenacity unequaled. Although I can't tell, either from the title or the words themselves, whether the losing is of wistful, nostalgic nature, or rather of relief. Or can it be both at once?


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Memory becomes a distillation,
      forgetting what's forgotten.

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    "Will you listen to yourself?" they say,
    the catch that tells they're about to deny
    the view espoused without calling the lie.


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      Interesting thought -- both. Surely this expresses my own personal clinginess, so the connotation is, almost, the surprise (gut punch) of things changing so quickly. But then there is always a moment where things turn, atleast Someone notices, I am sure. Wistful nostalgic. It's processing, someone was there, you knew such intimate details, and then ... it can all be negated.

      See, I began ... I clearly remember the idea about killers and remorse. Of course, my answer is that many of the killers would say it was stupid, a single moment that lost them their life. And it ended with an abrupt, surprising almost "pivot of the heel" smack in the face: All the time you spent, whatever that was, now you realize it is... nothing.

      That's how I see it. The cold hard truth of footsteps you hear going in the direction ... away from you.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Lacking Grant's
        depth of perception
        I picked peripherally.
        It has taken
        your dissection
        to reveal its' interior
        to me

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      amenOra, this is work of quiet, sinewy beauty. I am partial to the short line and enigmatic turn, and both are present here, adeptly handled. The piece is outwardly succinct, yet I feel I can move around inside it; there are many rooms, where a farther music sounds.