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  • I prayed

    When I was young I prayed for that great job

    I knew in life I never wanted to be a flop

    When I got older I prayed for a beautiful wife

    And I ended up with a great life

    When I settle down I prayed for a great family

    I never thought it would grow so rapidly

    When I got to that certain age I prayed nothing will ever stop me

    But I knew nothing was ever guarantee

    When I got to this point in my life I just prayed that retirement would come soon

    So each day I can play my favorite tunes

    With each passing day that comes I pray my family and friends to stay healthy

    And hope someday we all will become wealthy

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    This fair bit of perseverance you've chronicled, in prayer and practice, has done much to bring you to where you are today. I wish you continued success.


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      Thank You


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        How are desires and focus shift over time.

        Well told.