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  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Over the weekend clocks in Europe went back for wintertime
    reducing the time differential between London and New York
    to 4 hours instead of 5 (until the USA goes to its winter timetable
    of newly dark evenings followed in a month by dark mornings again)
    The Royal Observatory Greenwich, in the grounds of Greenwich Palace,
    became worldwide 0 degrees Meridian after the Paris Conference
    and has a brass zero line set in its floor.

    Greenwich Mean Time 31st Oct. 2017

    Sullen, in unused passivity,

    bared branches frame

    a steel grey sky.

    Park leaves have tumbled

    their homeward way,

    robbing wind

    of its gambit play.

    Looking Northwards

    across the river,

    where commerce once

    shipped wealth of Empire,

    Meridian casts

    a brass-ruled eye,

    unwinding the halcyon

    times of Summer

    till clocks fall back

    in line with Winter

    constrained to trade

    night for day.

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    My golfers tan will soon fade to the pale gray white of winter, thanks for reminding me.


    • Johntee
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      Pleased to be of service.

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    Very beautiful imagery in this point of fact piece. Do I sense a rueful resignation coming alongside?


    • Johntee
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      Is it Rue for Remembrance,
      'tis the season of melancholy,
      the SADly darkened spirit
      of Seasonal Affective Disorder

      When I was working I particularly
      disliked dark mornings temporarily
      relieved only to plunge back darker
      and colder a month later.
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    I like how you've woven this moment of reflection: the setting, mood, and implications are all mutually strengthening one another. I particularly like 'the brass-ruled eye' of the meridian. I salute!


    • Johntee
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      Thanks Grant,
      not wishing for obscurity,
      the lengthy explanation
      of a London landmark
      was gestated in part
      by 'the brass-ruled eye.'