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Trick or Entreat

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  • Trick or Entreat

    Look around
    Trump was crowned
    Yes a clown
    I do frown

    Need some goodwill
    Mugabes pill?
    Won't pay the bill
    Think of his ill.

    Russia sells us games
    Vlad puts in the shame
    Influence it frames
    Cyberwar its name

    No Western masterplan
    Europe out frying pan
    Brexit fires scald it's clans
    In charge the also rans

    Where is sanity?
    Lost humanity
    Full of vanity
    Fools inanity

    Murder, terror
    Global horror
    Kill an error
    No winner there

    Look around
    War drums sound
    Rage rebounds
    Fire the clowns

  • #2
    More tricks than treats, definitely Parkinsonspoet! I like your rhyming plan for this, it worked well for what you say. This stanza pulled it all together for me:

    'Where is sanity?
    Lost humanity
    Full of vanity
    Fools inanity'