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Those Who Cheat (for Johntee)

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  • Those Who Cheat (for Johntee)

    Those who cheat
    Want to feel a great glitter spark
    In their ho-hum lives
    Against the din of ordinary

    Those who cheat
    Are always selfish and self-centred
    Care not for the welfare
    Of their significant others

    Those who cheat
    Often think Excitement has finally
    Entered their lives
    And will last forever

    Those who cheat
    Think romance has given them
    A new lease on life
    But are badly mistaken

    Those who cheat
    Are often cheated on themselves
    Despite their fondness
    For polymorphous perversity

    Those who cheat
    Inflict helter skelter damage
    On those whom they
    Should love most and protect

    Those who cheat
    Often burn out in the atmosphere
    Of day to day living or
    Make a car wreck of their lives

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    That is the Art consuming its practitioner.


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      Artful, poetic truth.

      I heard a pastor deliver a sermon regarding a friend, who had separated from his longtime spouse.

      He had asked the man why the marriage fell apart?

      The man replied "I stopped loving her", to which the pastor intimated that often we think of love as an adjective, when it ought to function as a verb.

      When we consider love as a matter of how we treat others, we can then do what is necessary to maintain our relationships.


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        Johntee & DWAYNE. Thank you for your visits and the wisdom of your remarks. I particularly love your last sentence, DWAYNE!