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Halloween, 1953

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  • Halloween, 1953

    At age 6 I wanted to be a Witch
    For Halloween and my father
    In his upholstery shop
    Made me a tall hat with black cambric fabric

    Other children that night
    Told me that a Witch could not be a boy
    And laughed often at me
    As I went on my innocent Trick or Treat way

    What bothered me most I recall
    Was that the tall Witch's hat kept falling off
    I know now that gusts of wind
    Protected me that night so long ago
    Last edited by Tanner; 10-31-2017, 05:25 PM. Reason: Grammar error, caught by amenOra - THANKS!

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    A very beautiful recounting, Tanner.

    Touching, affecting.

    So glad you shared, thankya~


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      Typographical error (perhaps?) Witches reduced to Witch's, denoting possession, and not plurality. Right?


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        That's a long standing memory Tanner. Nowadays you'd fit right in - if the mood for such still strikes your fancy.


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          So far from Kansas
          only to dissolve
          a pail of water.
          "What a World. What a World."
          Maybe not in the USA
          but In England around
          1953 there was a reissue of
          The Wizard of Oz
          with Judy Garland et al
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            And now, sans hat, you are a wizard with words, Tanner.


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              Tanner love it.


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                Nicely turned memory poem, Tanner! Nice your father went along with your plan and didn’t join the other children in their thoughts if how things should be. For Halloween now I wear one of my daughters’ witch’s hats with florescent orange hair while I give out candy.