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  • Val-Hal

    Valentine's Day meant
    dreams and love
    and never a costume.

    Halloween meant
    dreams and fear
    and always a costume.

    Then they morphed.

    Valentine's Day means
    love and fear.
    A costume is mandatory.

    And Halloween means
    fear alone. Even in a costume,
    you're naked.

    Here, wipe from your lips
    the last of the
    creamy pink heart-shaped
    candy corn
    and whisper to me:
    Where did all the dreams go?

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    Very creative - from title to finish - Monica Mack. It does make me mourn lost innocence though - I feel it was still around when I was growing up, and my sheltered life provided much of it.


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      Thank you, RhymeLovingWriter, for your kind words about Val-Hal! That "lost innocence" you mention was around when I was growing up, too, and, like you, I attribute much of it to my own sheltered life. I looked forward at the first promise of spring to Valentine's Day, and I eagerly watched the trees glowing russet just in time for Halloween. Those were my two favorite holidays. Monica


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        Brilliant, Monica. Not a word wasted here, and an insightful concept. After all that comingling of fear and love and costumes, I found the final stanza quite haunting, especially in its introduction of a second person, with lips and whisper, and final question. Wonderful.


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          Thank you so very much, grant hayes, for your very thoughtful comment about Val-Hal, two holidays from childhood that were very dear to me once. And your praise means a great deal to me. Monica


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            Wonderful Monica and good to hear from you. What a journey - happy sad.