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'You Will Hide No More!'

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  • 'You Will Hide No More!'

    'Twas upon a dark night dreary
    That I saw with my eyes bleary,
    The vision, grim and eerie,
    That would plague me evermore.
    It was a face I will remember
    Till I die, for each foul member
    Was stark in the dark November
    Night that cloaked the beaked eyesore.
    For a bird of Gothic gore
    Was the guise that the fiend wore.

    Its eyes, blue, were most unpleasing
    For they fixed a glare unceasing
    On mine. In terror, increasing,
    I froze till I blinked no more.
    Then its sharp beak seemed to burrow
    Through my soul; a yawning furrow
    It ploughed. 'Twas a true and thorough
    Dissection of my mind's core.
    'Twas a panoptic unveiling
    Of my sins; my every failing
    Was laid bare and unavailing
    Were my pleas that they once more
    Be veiled as they were before.
    'No' said It. 'You'll hide no more'

    I was seized by an unease
    Which by slow measured degrees
    Became a chronic disease
    Of the mind; I was done for!
    And since that night on my face
    I've worn a look I can't erase.
    It's one of shame and deep disgrace
    For all eyes through mine can bore
    Into my soul; secrets no more
    Are all that I hid before!

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    If piercing was the effect you were going for - I'd say you nailed it Raoul!


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      Indeed. Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice night RLW. Sweet dreams!