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  • Speed Demon

    Crank up the gear
    At full speed
    Impress the girls
    Pump up with the shots
    Smoke the weed
    No sense of danger
    No form of awareness
    And when you go round and round
    Scratches and flames on the surface
    The impact will be tremendous
    Never heard of control
    Never knew of control
    Crash and burn
    Crash and burn
    Crash and burn and die
    My boy, you've dug yourself a hole
    May this desire take you whole

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    Life on the edge - or over the edge - eh Bry?


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      More like too far off the edge :P Thanks for your comment

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    This just happened two weeks ago near me. Unfortunately the speed demon killed three others in the car he collided with along with himself. Sadly relevant, Bry.


    • Bry89
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      Sorry to hear

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    I guess I much enjoyed the tone of this the most, and didn't take the 'negative' connotation. That reckless spirit can be considered brave by some. It does a better job in its form (as you did here) of expression by the artist. This gathered steam and really got to me, and I definitely know that Stupid spirit. Yes.

    Thanks for sharing, and Kudos--

    More than just thrills,
    I want to be alive.


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      I can't drive 55