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  • Honour

    When the world looks down with its contempt
    Everyone knows your name
    An act of kindness you try to attempt
    Would it make minds change?

    Despite the lipstick and the blackened eyes
    There may be an actual heart
    The one who would never want to see a child die
    If you can, cradle their souls within these arms

    Do you really care for the world's endless suffer
    Or do you love to pretend?
    Self-centredness only promotes more hard cash
    A large amount after the other
    You cannot be anyone's friend

    Behind every song, foreign whispers to the devil
    A shed of decency may not be there
    Be humanitarian just this once, and drop the act
    Make yourself someone so special
    But it would not be enough for us to care

    Angels may have wings, but is it enough
    To make us see you as something so great?
    Angels of virtue, but should they all be trusted
    No matter their flaws and biggest mistakes?

    If you took everything to their empty hands
    Would it be enough for us to look upon you?
    If you sacrificed everything that you had
    Will it be enough for us to, for once, adore you?

    Blood is spilling out from the mouths that cry
    The world's falling apart, well above yours
    The one who thought she can participate in the fight
    It's far too late to seal up and mend, or to reassure

    You're just no-one
    You're simply no-one
    A nobody, of no charity

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    How sad this makes me much loss in so many ways.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      True... some celebs care about our suffering world whereas some only pretend to care. I don't know who right off the bat but there are some who are guilty of being this, and are unashamed by it. Thanks for your comment.