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The Looking Man

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  • The Looking Man

    If there is a Heaven
    He wondered where to look first
    The stars moon and sun were too far
    Away to hear his words

    He asked the wind whom he knew
    Went everywhere
    The wind paused for a moment then whispered
    Follow me

    He obeyed and looked
    In a narrow city alleyway
    Where refuse was scattered produce rotting
    Insects arose from the stench

    He heard the sound of breaking glass
    From an open window above – G’ddammit get out
    You bastard – before I carve up your face
    With this bottle

    The wind stopped suddenly
    Just as the sun broke through the clouds
    The man’s eyes filled with tears
    His heart was flooded by a strange joy

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    Beautifully told narrative enigma, Tanner. Of course, one ponders what fills the man's heart with joy. Leaving that hanging is a masterful stroke. There are numerous possible answers, or none at all.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
      Editing a comment
      "...or none at all." I'm going have to ponder that one Grant.

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    Nice, Tanner! Heaven is where you make it. ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.’ - Saadi Shirazi


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      Muttado1sb, Thank you for your spot-on interpretation, as evidenced also in my haiku.

      Pupil asks the Zen
      Master “Where is Heaven?” “When
      It rains sleep outside”


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        I find myself working on being greatful instead of being sad and wishing things were better. Sometimes it’s just stopping and taking a moment to reflect or when something happens to remind me just how grateful I should be. Well done Tanner.


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          ATL, You are a wise and gracious woman. Thank you for your comments. You are of course right that we take too much of granted. We need to be centred in the each and every moment
          as best we can and learn from those life experiences.


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            Ponderous write.

            Paradise is a matter of perspective.

            I see this as a reminder not to trivialize the experiences of others.

            My Grandmother used to say

            "What is joke to one man, is death to another"


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              Grant & DWAYNE, Thank you for your visit and comments. Sometimes experience just washes over us, and at times it can almost drown us. I say walk carefully and be alert.