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Love Well Lost (thanks to Amenora+Grant)

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  • Love Well Lost (thanks to Amenora+Grant)

    This came from comments
    lodged in the stream of "Jagged"
    by Tanner and "Size of Thyme" by MB
    from AmenOra and Grant (for well-used phrases) respectively.
    Thanks also to Tanner for introducing me
    to Anne Sexton's work.

    Love Well Lost 26th Oct. 2017

    For any lovelorn poet

    bewailing a singular state

    who doesn't see fate's fickle hand

    take the lead up the primrose path

    only think of Sylvia, giving up the Plath,

    to a man who behaved despicably,

    her poetic "Other Half."

    That's the way it goes. It seems

    "Fidelity" has never been requisite

    as a strong point of the "Arty Scene."
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    That first stanza, Excellent!

    And what follows, impressive!


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      how true, in so many ways. dig deep enough and you find a truth to everything which is slightly embarassing; I have known that, when realizing the relationship Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath had.
      Of course there are more, as many as there are lovers. Everyone's story. But to write it you are an individual. Which sometimes equals Tormented soul.

      And Kayo-- Anne Sexton cheated on him, ...I am sure many times. He seemed devoted, and needed by Anne, and the entire scene of how Anne would sometimes get up distressed wanting to lie in her daughter's bed for comfort. The stupor, depression.

      I'm familiar with it. And as it's been called, the Legacy attached to that life.

      Well, we have to get it out somehow, express it, clean or dirty....

      Thanks for sharing. Thoughts to think upon.