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  • conductor gone mad--

    conductor gone mad

    the strings whiplash lasso
    patience given birth
    i am the knight from those
    storms you dreamt
    ruined your world; i come
    from somewhere else
    i live inside the stoneface
    inching cornerstones
    my voice is carried forth
    violet wings of silk
    carried more than many
    days and night singing
    listen to the sunset
    fall through heavy trees
    silence wraps around
    we fall in sync machines

    beneath the stages and statues
    the dust of centuries
    and wars from other times,
    it all means something.
    what should i even say,
    that i'm imagining things again?
    Saturn with his scythe--
    sibling to the ungotten moments,
    fused into the elements
    something poisonous, no doubt.

    meted from the tiger's grasp,
    nails harder than the bones,
    obviously you've grasped
    straw, your last tune is played;
    there my ghost goes to sing
    frozen in its statue voice
    compelling cares well aware
    sudden strike of lightning
    no breath hear the wind
    apart of the entire world
    run your hands inside the wound
    i am played i am the violin
    tuned from feinted greenness

    really i am brown
    but they all see green like leaves
    my name is pan
    i am on the pipe of dreams
    where horns display
    the soundless inspiration
    rocking through
    my knocking limbs
    the winds my chill
    the rivers my perspiration
    i laugh, to know you,
    more than ever, a child;
    my skin made of bark,
    my hair made of bay leaves,
    falls over my eyes,
    i still laugh through it all;
    this is the tree

    I am gone I changed into
    something more beautiful
    something more than human
    there is the untroblous
    swift curve of bark
    it is my skin, and don't forget
    the river i sprung up
    next to, father's name
    i shall not use at this time;
    he heard my prayers
    he granted them, my leaves
    perpetually display

    Apollo could not catch
    and should you forget
    he never will, although he tries;
    above the crown clutched,
    no one found
    where she was, or ever went.
    like the sunset or the wind,
    like the daft winter storm
    setting things awry:
    she came and quickly went,
    frozen like a syllable in thin-
    air, the rest of her
    note the haunted left over
    afternoon ...

    the leaves touch the sun still:
    how amazingly
    forever beautiful.
    more than any human,
    now as a vegetable
    turned green and turned away:
    heart stretched like the sky
    over the water
    rising through the air.
    sweetly, so alike Demeter:
    her mother Gaia
    proudly gives birth again.
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    I imagine a conductor going into a frenzy as they conduct the orchestra through an energetic piece, becoming one with the meaning of the music; a ‘Fantasia’-like imagining. This really pulled me in, amenOra. Thanks.


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      Breathtakingly lovely!


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        Thanks, ladies and gents'. This was written modeled after Daphne & Apollo's story. The enduring mythos of the brother-sister archetype. Pan and Daphne are almost the same here: I even find it's hard to tell when it changes from Pan to Daphne, in a fudge-up characteristic of my hasty style (sometimes). Hope you enjoyed, I spent more time on this poem than usual-- planning throughout the day, learning and pondering the myth.



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          Quite intriguing amenOra.