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Jagged (In memory of Anne Sexton)

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  • Jagged (In memory of Anne Sexton)

    Piss on the stars
    They are not our relatives
    The inclement weather of your untimely death
    Lingers like shards of
    Broken glass in the mouth

    Our lives were once bright streams
    That began in high mountains
    Now only stagnant pools filled with effluvia
    Rotting rodent entrails
    That remain beyond interpretation

    Our threadbare hopes lie discarded
    Like Victorian corsets
    The slagheap of the Industrial Revolution

    Our Impure thoughts
    Remain unpardonable as blasphemy
    Against the Holy Spirit
    For which modern medicine
    Has contrived no answers

    We cut
    Our wrists slowly with razor-honed knives
    These scalpels of malcontent shine
    With the earnest glint of forgotten prayers
    The small geysers of spurting blood
    Glimmer briefly
    As poems that make us still feel alive

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    What synchronicity: we two posted poems with the word entrail(s) simultaneously, though this anatomy of a loss is - overall - far more visceral than my relatively detached archaeological reflection.

    This poetic shard is exactly as its title would have it - jagged. The painful sharpness of your vision here is quite beautiful, Tanner; you draw blood, indeed.


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      Very well done, yes. It reminds me that, while she was not Merely subject to the age she lived in, (Plath as well), it had a lot to do with it, and the escape into poetry which proved so beautiful, so wry, so cathartic and central to Life. Chronicling a mythology of Addiction and Depression. And the ultimate confessions of Women in that day and age, breaking free of moulds of society, and identity.


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        You cut deep.

        This whole piece was quite visceral for me.
        My long departed best friend was on my mind all day.

        This is poem hit me deeply.

        Thank you.


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          Grant, I thank you for your incisive comments. My sharpness pales in comparison to yours. I lack the breadth of your vocabulary, historical knowledge and range of vision.

          AmenOra, Your synopsis of Anne Sexton was brilliant (spot-on and wide ranging in encapsulating her beautiful).

          DWAYNE, Your perspective is ALWAYS appreciated, and keeps me motivated to continue writing.

          TO ALL OF YOU, Hipparchus would put you in the highest heaven.