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Acerbic Articulations (Inspired by Johntee and Divot)

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  • Acerbic Articulations (Inspired by Johntee and Divot)

    Those of us,
    whose brotherhood
    by constitution and common purpose
    were once justified,
    may yet,
    by hysteria and prejudice,
    be vilified.

    And what many excuse
    as mere
    distaste for political correctness,
    is, in fact,
    abject contempt for decency.
    Hostility towards plurality.
    Pining for cultural homogeneity.
    The quintessential identity.

    one ascendent
    upon the wayward wings
    of acerbic articulations,
    has propagandized self-preservation,
    and freed degradation
    from the reigns of euphemistic taboo.
    Unleashing an unbridled
    epidemic of epithets.

    whom men see fit
    to malign in speech,
    they will readily
    marginalize in the streets.
    Verbal projectiles
    often precede
    lethal ones.
    those whose presence
    is countenanced with contempt,
    will soon find
    their very right to exist
    called into question.
    every instance of their annihilation,
    is deemed an act of self-defence.


    This poem came to me after a series of comments by Johntee and Divot, - that turned into an enlightening discussion - in response to my previous write Antebellum Swoon.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Another worthy and sadly correct write, DWAYNE! I haven’t read the other poem or comments yet, but this, like your whole collection, is spot on.


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      Thanks for reading.

      I am aghast at what is happening in America!


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        No “One" can speak to or about Opression better or with credibility than the Opressed. As I have written here "Silence is the symptom"


        • DWAYNE
          DWAYNE commented
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          Very true.

          A sense of empathy should lead us to attempt to put ourselves in the oppressed' stead.

          In so doing, we may perhaps be more mindful of how we treat each other.

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        Dwayne, from the first moment I read your writings here I have expressed my support for you and the stand you are taking. That will not change.


        • DWAYNE
          DWAYNE commented
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          Thank you. That means a lot.

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        DWAYNE, As always your writings are a brilliant commentary on what is happening in America. I especially love these lines:

        Verbal projectiles
        often precede
        lethal ones.

        I wish that it were not so. Decency has disappeared as has civil discourse. The rabble of the crowd prevails, and I fear for the future that a "perfect storm" of anarchy is
        coming day by day.


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          A storm is definitely on the horizon.
          And while there are some who decry the lack of decorum, and urge a return to civil discourse, the preoccupation with tweets, overlooks the imposition of policies that do substantial harm to people.

          A man who exercises courtesy as he methodically aims his knife between my shoulder blades, has no less murdered me, than the brute who unabashedly strikes me down.