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Antebellum Swoon (Inspired by Mr. Hayes', Before and behind)

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  • Antebellum Swoon (Inspired by Mr. Hayes', Before and behind)

    Beware the discontent of hollow men
    who herald historic strife
    and bonded servitude
    as romantic story,
    harp upon ancestral glory.
    Extoll Essentialist entitlement.
    Harbour present-paradigm resentment.

    They parrot
    antebellum bigots' swoon,
    and yet,
    can barely hold a tune,
    much less compose one.

    Yet, still,
    they make claim
    to that for which
    they neither
    shed blood nor tilled soil,
    -a land enriched by African toil,
    a nation reaped from native bone-
    with incantations in bellicose tone,
    bellow many-a-reliced-phrase
    to court kindred spirits
    drunk with rage,
    in goose-step traipse
    to final solution invoke
    and court the ancient pyres stoke.
    ever-eager to accost.
    Turn epoch toward holocaust.
    Champion monstrous fantasy.
    In furtherance of a fallacy.
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    Scorching work, Dwayne; a magnesium flare burning in a sea of tears.


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      I wish the current occupant of the White House was able to read Before and behind, but I doubt he could either appreciate or comprehend it!
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      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        I think they could benefit from reading your work, Dwayne. Your lines have the necessary height and thunder; they demand utterance.

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      I agree with Grant, Dwayne. Your writing should be used in schools. It has the passion, the indignation of gross injustices to inspire self-reflection and change.


      • divot
        divot commented
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        I would suggest it already is.

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      Thanks for such high praise.

      We are in danger of repeating the most dastardly aspects of our history!


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        Who’s left to catch the boomerang, when thrown at such a distance. Careful now, the moss it’s gathered makes it quite slippery.
        I can understand the frustration with Trump, it never serves a politician well to speak honestly. I prefer to judge America in the light of how we all pitch in to help our fellow citizens in times of need, (the hurricanes for instance) without discriminating by race or creed.
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        • DWAYNE
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          I have no quarrel with honesty.

          I am all for honesty.

          However, honesty can reflect narcissism, callousness, selfishness and hate.

          One's honest projections may reflect an unwillingness or inability to garner and analyze facts; a propensity to judge one's own creed by your best, and others by their worst; and to prejudge and condemn others based upon that bias.

          There are those who utilize euphemisms, to harken back to turbulent, racist, violent eras. Divisive tactics for political gain.

          This is the danger we face.

          Society faces difficult challenges which require thoughtful long-term solutions.
          While knee-jerk reactions may offer disaffected masses a sense of short-term security, the ill-will and contempt imbued in those who are unfairly maligned and abused, for the sake of that security, portends long-term strife.

          Today's scapegoat, is tomorrow's nihilist.

          Injustice for the sake of security, is morally indefensible, and, dangerous in the long run.

          Finally, we must make a distinction between the American government, and the American people, and the latter must hold the former accountable for the actions they take, purportedly on behalf of the latter.
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        Rebirth of a Nation.
        Blatant Injustice
        sees its way forward
        by the light
        of a Burning Cross.
        How soon the wave
        washes past
        and News Cycle's Thru,
        Now it's hashtag #MeToo.
        (Parrot once was Poppinjay)
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          Who shall stand in judgment and who’s propose may it serve. Speak loud your deeds and actions, for words are only words.


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            The kids in the church tutoring/mentorship programme, I volunteer at recently had a discussion regarding judging others.

            They arrived at the conclusion, that judging, in their minds, meant condemning others for a breach of morality. They decided that condemnation of the PERSON, was beyond them, that only God could do that.

            However, they also concluded that there is such a thing as basic decency. That they had a moral responsibility to intervene and speak up against hatred, against any group, regardless of religious affiliation, race, creed etc.

            They determined that prejudice is wrong, and an individual ought to be evaluated "by the content of his character"; presumed peaceful until his/her actions demonstrated otherwise.

            That they had a moral obligation to counteract hateful rhetoric at their school, because silence suggests complicity, and allowed the promotion of antagonism, created an atmosphere of fear and pain.

            I am, of course, paraphrasing.
            But I do agree with them.

            Words, as an expression of ones perception of, and intentions toward, others can be dangerous.

            In law there is such a thing as a verbal act.
            One ought not cry fire in a crowded theatre, when there is no fire. And one ought not prejudge, and malign a whole group of people based on the conduct of some.

            Words do matter, when they expose people to ridicule. When they inspire people to be unkind to each other.

            When they harken to centuries-old caricatures and stereotypes, that have been used in the past, to deny people basic rights. Even to rationalize and justify their murder.

            We have seen what inaction has done, we have been assaulted and murdered, as governments and citizens have stood by and watched. History has forewarned us, and we ought heed the caution.

            Fascist societies began with words objectifying people, then inciting hatred, then encouraging violence, then inspiring murder, and before you know it, people are herded like cattle, and cast into ovens.

            We are already seeing an uptick in hate speech, and racist acts of violence.

            So yes, words do matter.

            I believe that I have an obligation to speak up against hatred, and so I do, in my profession, my volunteer activities, my personal life, wherever I can.

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              Dwayne Thank you for this sizzler! I'm afraid after eons of history lessons it is apparent that we as a species are unable to learn as a whole the meaning of coexistence. The blood of the powerful has no more the substance of the sun as the blood of the meek! but they think they shine more brightly!